How Do I Join?

The club's mission and vision can be viewed by going to the Club Origin page. The National Association website provides additional information and insight to the NABSTMC. There are two types of membership, a) Full and b) Associate member. * Full members are required to possess a valid motorcycle license, own a registered and insured motorcycle able to maintain the posted highway speed limits for sustained periods of time, promote the history of the Buffalo Soldier, attend monthly meetings, and participate in monthly planned rides and club sponsored events. * Associate members are encouraged to support and participate in club sponsored activities, attend monthly meetings and club sponsored events, and promote the history of the Buffalo Soldiers. Interested adults are required to fellowship with club members on rides and events prior to expressing their desire to join our organization. After participation in several rides and events, the candidate will be invited to a scheduled club meeting for a formal introduction. Persons interested in becoming a Full or Associate member must be sponsored by a club member in good standing. Questions regarding how to join our chapter can be submitted to Mr. Mann. You can always check out our Club rides and events, and they can be viewed on the Events Calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq's)

Q. What does the term prospect mean? 

“Prospect” refers to an individual who has applied for membership but is currently going through his/her probationary period. 
“Prospect” refers to an individual who has applied for membership but is currently going through his/her probationary period.

Q. How long is the probationary period? 

Varies due to a variety of factors. While the process is the same individual dedication varies. 

Q. How do I join? 

A. A full member in good standing must sponsor you. The Prospect must complete an application for membership and submit it to the chapter for approval/disapproval. A prospect must be licensed for and own an insured motorcycle that is road worthy for safely maintaining highway speeds for sustained periods of time. Upon successful completion of the probationary period, the Prospect must be voted in by 75% of the members in good standing.

Q. How often do I have to ride with the group? 

A. Full members are required to ride once a month during regular riding season with the club. The Ride Committee will determine dates, locations, and times. Failure to participate in a mandatory ride is subject to fines.

Q. I have been riding a long time, how do I become a Road Captain? 

A. All Road Captains, before they can be appointed; must have demonstrated knowledge and experience of various riding circumstances, situations and conditions; must be able to exercise good judgment; and must be safety conscious.